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Troubleshooting Charging Issues with Your SLX Device


If your SLX device won't charge or loses power quickly after disconnecting it from the charging cable, follow this guide to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Inspect the Charging Cable and Adapter

  • Check for Damage: Examine the charging cable and adapter for any signs of wear or damage. Try using a different cable and adapter to rule out any issues.
  • Proper Connection: Ensure the cable is securely connected to your SLX device and the power source.

Step 2: Use a Recommended Power Source

  • Power Source: Charge your SLX device using a wall outlet instead of a computer or other USB ports, as they may not provide sufficient power.

Step 3: Clean Charging Ports

  • Dust and Debris: Accumulated dust or debris in the charging ports can prevent a good connection. Gently clean the ports using a soft, dry brush or compressed air.

Step 4: Attempt a Soft Reset

  • Soft Reset: If your device has a reset function, use it. Consult your SLX device manual for specific instructions, as the process may vary by model.

Step 5: Check for Firmware Updates

  • Firmware Update: Ensure your SLX device has the latest firmware. Outdated firmware can sometimes cause charging and power issues.

Step 6: Let the Device Rest

  • Rest Period: If the device feels warm, let it cool down before attempting to charge again.

Step 7: Contact Support

If you've tried the above steps without success, it might be time to reach out for support:

  • Customer Service: Contact SwingLogic customer support for further assistance. Be ready to provide details about the steps you've taken and any observations about the device's behavior.

Additional Tips

  • Battery Lifespan: Remember that rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may degrade over time.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Charging your device in very hot or cold environments can affect battery performance.
  • Use Original Accessories: For best results, use the charging accessories supplied with your SLX device or recommended by SwingLogic.




-Swing Logic Customer Success Team