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Bluetooth Capabilities - Updating Bluetooth Drivers


Part 1: Checking and Updating Your PC's Bluetooth Drivers

Step 1: Access Device Manager

  • Press Win + X on your keyboard and select 'Device Manager' from the menu.

Step 2: Locate Bluetooth

  • In the Device Manager, scroll down to find the 'Bluetooth' section and expand it.

Step 3: Check Your Bluetooth Adapter

  • Find your Bluetooth adapter in the list. It's usually named after the manufacturer (e.g., Intel, Realtek).

Step 4: Update Driver

  • Right-click on the Bluetooth adapter and select 'Update driver'.
  • Choose 'Search automatically for updated driver software'.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.

Step 5: Restart Your PC

  • After updating, restart your PC to ensure changes take effect.


Part 2: Solution for Compatible PCs Without Bluetooth

Recommended Bluetooth Adapter:

  • ASUS USB-BT500 – A reliable and efficient Bluetooth adapter that is easy to use and compatible with most devices.

Purchase Link:


  • Simply plug the adapter into a USB port on your PC. Your computer should automatically detect and install the necessary drivers. If it doesn't, use the CD provided with the adapter or download the drivers from the manufacturer's website.